Monday, 18 July 2016

We’re nearly there!

That’s it, the installation of the exhibition is done! 

We’ve added some finishing touches here and there of course to make things really perfect, but we’re there, we’re (nearly) ready to welcome you!

So the blog will end with this post... We’re almost sad that we can no longer tell you about our vision “behind the scenes”, but now we are going to concentrate on getting everything in place for the opening, and welcome you as best we can, because you deserve it!

We really do hope to see you in great numbers on 21 July - and the weekend after too. We’ve organised some great activities, and there’ll even be fries! So with all that how can you possibly refuse to pay us a little visit! (see here the full program)

So see you soon, dear visitors, for real this time!

The BELvue team

An, Mieke, Aurélie, Paule, Violeta, Crystal, Mathilde, Olivier, Daniel, Dimitri, Henri, Patrick and Olivier.

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