Friday, 8 July 2016

Open the exhibition with us! We need you!

That’s it, we’re nearly there! For months we’ve been preparing everything, for months we’ve been waiting, and now the countdown has really started... 
The days are really hectic here at the museum.
The last finishing touches are being put on the exhibition, the last captions are being put up, the multimedia is being installed (films, photos and games that will be visible on the screens).

We are also putting the final finishing touch on the opening preparations. And of course we hope that you will visit in great numbers on the weekend of 21 July to celebrate the event with us.

But there’s a little problem at the moment: the exhibition is closed off, barricaded and literally padlocked 

We need you all! Would you like to open the exhibition with us? 
The younger members of the BELvue team are proposing a cooperative opening! 

The concept is very simple: you find a code, then you come and open a padlock. When there are no more padlocks, the exhibition will be officially opened!

We hope that everyone who opened the exhibition, together with their friends, family and acquaintances, will come and visit it!

And here a small video:

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