Monday, 4 July 2016

The objects are pouring in!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little while since we last put up an article, and we’re sorry about that of course, but we really have been terribly busy! 
In fact, the objects have been pouring in for a month now
And with over 200 objects in the gallery, plus the objects that will be installed in each room to illustrate the themes, it has really been quite a deluge!!! (For anyone who hasn’t yet read the concept of the new exhibition, you can do so over here).

The objects are very diverse: there are very small items (a pocket watch, a door handle), while some are historical documents, and others are boxes, creations, shoes... In short, there’s everything, in all sizes, from old objects to very modern, even futuristic items.

Certain objects needed several hours to be installed, like the boat, for example! Not a real life-size boat, a model of a boat. But one that’s three metres long nevertheless!
When it arrived, a big truck and a hoist were required (yes, another one! > for those who missed the previous trucks and hoists, it’s over here!), as well as four strong guys to install it, down to the nearest millimetre, without a scratch. 
They spent one hour trying to find the best angle to install the display case without breaking it, moving anything inside it, or damaging or dirtying the structure either.

Here are some photos:

And for two weeks now, things have been progressing nicely every day! 
We see the objects, ever more objects, being set up in the display cases. 

A painstaking and precise job that has given a result that we think is... simply magnificent! 

And we hope you’ll like it too when you come and visit!

Here are a few more photos of the gallery “under construction”.

See you very soon for news from the last lap!

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