Tuesday, 31 May 2016

News from the setup!

Hello everyone!

Here we are again with news from the setup of our exhibition!
Things are progressing quickly, even very quickly, and the exhibition is taking shape a little more every day as we look on in amazement. There is something magical about seeing the exhibition that we have been talking about for almost three years finally becoming a reality. So we very much wanted to share a few photos with you!

The team building the exhibition started in the rooms, installing furniture and already a few printed panels too.

They then installed the monuments in each room: there it is really taking shape, and you can visualise the spaces in each room, you can imagine yourself as a visitor to the exhibition, walking around the modules and the monument...

This is the monument from the LANGUAGE room. A tree displaying the words of some typically Belgian expressions and proverbs in the three national languages of Belgium.

This is the monument from the MIGRATION room. A pile of suitcases reaching almost to the ceiling.

One morning there was also a large truck and a big lift outside the door! 

 That was the structures being delivered for the gallery of objects that will be displayed in the corridors.

The next week the gallery had already been installed! The space looked so different!

At the time of writing these lines, the structures in the gallery are being painted, adjusted and fixed in place, the fittings that will hold the screens in each room are being installed and there are still so many things to be done before we can receive the objects which will be arriving during the course of June.

So we will see you next time for the latest news and photos from the setup!

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