Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Concept for the new exhibition


Spring is finally here, so we have been able to start enjoying the lovely outdoor café at BELvue! And yes, in case you were not sure, we are open to the public! Remember us if you are in the area, you can come in, have a bite to eat and visit the HALLO BABY exhibition on the traditions surrounding having a baby. It is a great exhibition and completely free of charge! (only available in French and Dutch) Full information is provided here.

Today we wanted to talk a bit more about the new exhibition. Last week you saw that the set-up was beginning, so perhaps you were wondering what the exhibition will look like once it is in place. So here we are to answer your questions, with all the plans to hand!

The new permanent exhibition at BELvue will be housed on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building and it will be about "Belgium and its history". We have adopted the approach of looking at Belgium and its history one theme at a time. Seven themes were selected: democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, languages and Europe. So there are seven themes in seven halls. In each hall the first thing you will see is testimonies from individuals on that theme. So you start with a present-day perspective. The theme is then developed right through the history of Belgium.
The idea is that visitors will gain a better understanding of the society in which we live as they move through the exhibition. This is our way of explaining today's Belgium with the help of its history.

In terms of scenography, there will be a "monument" representing the theme in each hall, accompanied by modules with objects, documents, video and audio material.

Here you can see an example of the "migration" hall, with its monument (the heap of suitcases), periscopes allowing you to view films and images, and furnishings highlighting, among other things, the migration of Belgians to North America in the early 20th century, the major waves of migration that have come to Belgium and the huge diversity that currently exists in our society.

So what is in the corridors? They will contain a unique gallery of objects intended to create a kind of tangible memory of Belgium. Presented in chronological order from 1830 to the present day, there will be a very diverse range of objects: a carnival costume from Binche, a balloon signed by the Diables Rouges, a crystal vase from Val Saint-Lambert, King Albert II's motorcycle, designer items, a Belgian invention and more.
And here is how it will look like!

The exhibition will be presented in four languages: the three national languages of Belgium and also English. This is to allow the greatest possible number of people to appreciate the exhibition to the full.

We have also provided tours for both children and school groups, and audio guides. That, however, is for another article!

See you soon!

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