Thursday, 9 June 2016

Our tours

In about 6 weeks, the BELvue will be inaugurating its brand-new permanent exhibition on Belgium and its history. We cannot deny that stress levels are rising, but we are really keen to show you our new tour!

A new exhibition means a new concept, a long period of preparation, a setup process... and it means creating a selection of different tours for our visitors. There truly is something for everyone: adults, families and schools too. Today we would like to offer you a foretaste of what we will be offering our visitors.

At BELvue, we try to offer something for everyone, but our special mission is to allow young people and even the very youngest to discover Belgium and its history.

For a number of months now we have therefore been working on some fun, original tours which we are sure will be much loved by our smallest guests and our older ones too. Whether you come to BELvue with your children, your grandchildren, your niece, your little cousin or your neighbour's son, you will find it easy to organise your visit to the new exhibition with them because we have created different tours to suit each age group.

Zeno the explorer, for example, takes children on board his periscope van, allowing them to discover the many facets of Belgium. We cannot resist the temptation to show you the amazing van!

We are also very proud to present our two little travelling companions: Mimi & Momo!

With their help, very young children - from 3 years old! - can learn to distinguish between the colours and set off looking for lost objects all over the museum. 

That is not all though, we have a lot more in store! "I'm the minister!" That is the title of another tour which allows children to have a go at being a minister. Not an easy job of course, but there is a reward at the end for brave visitors who manage to complete their mission! It should be clear by now that kids will not be getting bored at BELvue!

To help us to develop these tours we have brought in Sarah and Barbara from Casa Blanca, two women who are full of ideas and have been bringing a real passion to the work they do with us for some time now.

The shock troops from eduBEL, the educational department of BELvue, have also been racking their brains to come up with original tours and workshops for schools. They are teachers themselves, so they know all about the right educational methods to use and they are always looking for the most inter-ACTIVE way of delivering content to children. 

Where do we find inspiration? We read, we research but above all we organise amazing brainstorming sessions where everyone can share their ideas. In the end we have managed to find original concepts which, we hope, will be just right for schools! The new kid on the block in our programme for the new school year: the  great "Tour of BELvue"! Students take part in a great, original quiz and become real experts on Belgium.

A new exhibition of course means a new audio guide too! For autumn we are preparing an app that you can use to visit the new exhibition. If you bring your smartphone or tablet, you can listen, watch and also touch many of our objects. The app will also be free of charge!
We are now also working on a completely new tour that will help blind and visually impaired visitors to enjoy our new exhibition.

Well, we must go now, there is a lot of work still to be done!

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